Advantages and Disadvantages of Kitchen Torch

The presence of a cooking torch in the kitchen reflects how your home is luxurious and truly accomplished. If you think out of the box, you might have this innovative item in your kitchen. As an innovative culinary torch, it is one stop solution for all your cooking needs from toasting marshmallows to finishing a gratin to browning meringue. The essential use of the kitchen torch is the preparation of crème Brulee, however, it is quite familiar than crunchy-on-top or some delicious dessert with icing. It is not surprising that the culinary torch comes in handy in various needs where you need to sear, melt, brown, toast or caramelize ingredients without boiling or cooking it. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of the basic type of culinary torch. Vinyl Printing & Pasting UAE

Advantages of the culinary torch

Melt marshmallows for delicious desserts and icing cake.

Brown meringue for baked items

Toast breadcrumbs in an easy way

Caramelize sugar on cakes, cookies, and fresh cake.

Melt cheese for bread omelet, sandwiches, nachos.

To make world-class hot toppings

Disadvantage of using kitchen torch

Unlike the traditional kitchen accessory, a culinary torch is bit advanced yet it is difficult to handle every time. We need butane while refilling the torch. Hence, we need to fill the gas carefully. Make sure that your child stays away from you while refilling the gas as there is potential for overflow or spillage. Some new models require frequent refilling, so you need to get butane as much you want.

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Types of the culinary torch and its merits & demerits

There are two basic types of culinary torches out there. One comes with the fuel tank and the other one has a screw on the top of the disposable fuel tank. In general, both have merits and demerits. However, to get the most out of your culinary torch, you need to know the advantages and purpose of it.

Touch head cooking torches

It is a kind of torches that come with a small handle for enclosing a refillable fuel tank.


No need to fill or replace the propane tank when it’s empty

As it is a large gas tank, it can be used for long durations.


It has no real handle which would be bulky and difficult to handle.

The large size torches may be difficult to work with.

We have to replace the canisters often

Cooking torches with built-in fuel tanks

It is an advanced type of kitchen cooking torches that has built-in fuel tanks. The head encloses the inner fuel tank.


It is small, lightweight and less intimidating than other models.

It doesn’t need separate butane canisters.


It requires frequent refueling

Chances are that fuel can evaporate quickly.

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