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How Does Media Influence Your Life?

How Does Media Influence Your Life?

Media plays a key part in influencing your life in different critical ways, virtually coming across almost every aspect. Due to the advancement of technology and science, the entire world is now in your grip. You are made aware of every headline, every news, and every information within a few minutes of its leak. It has now been considered as one of the best sources of knowing a piece of information.

Due to such involvement in your life, media tends to take over almost every phase of your daily routine. There are different varieties of media that are evident in distributing information across the globe, including television, social platforms, internet, radio, and newspaper. All the information we extract from such podiums are extremely interfering and influences your thoughts in both positive and negative ways.

You work is to filter the amount of information you are gathering through media to keep yourself away from getting influenced.

What are the positive points of media in your life?

The entire planet has become like this global village for the exchange of knowledge and information from every nook and corner via some clicks of the fingertips. All of this has happened due to the growth and development of media with the passage of time. You can get access to any form of information via either a television or the most convenient one, the internet.

Various news apps and websites compete with each other only to generate you the most genuine news at the right time. Media has become one of the most preferred media of exchange of information and facts all over the world.

There are a lot of educational programs that are conducted online under the sponsorship of various media channels. This helps children to catch up with easy knowledge on a particular topic without going through a lot of manual searches in libraries or other book centers. Media plays its own role in influencing the daily lives of you and your children through catchy headlines and words on mobile apps and news websites.

A few examples of how media interferes in your life

You get to use your intellect to decode such valuable sets of information that have been made accessible to you through internet and news channels. Various advertisements help you know about the different types of products that you use in your daily life. You get to know about the plus and minus points about such products. Such information, in turn, helps you to decide on the best one for you pertaining to your well-being.

If you are in love with the film and entertainment industry, you get to have updates on your news filters about your favorite celeb or artist via media channels or apps.

What are the negative aspects of media?

It has already been discussed of how media takes control over your life in a useful way. But the road is always not that easy. Media is an extremely powerful weapon when it comes to negatively playing your mind at the most vulnerable times. News and information about violence and other corruptions hunt your mind down in the blackest way possible since these are extremely dark fields of discussion.

A lot of studies have revealed that you get a large amount of exposure every day on violence from news channels, mobile websites or through apps. These media influences boggle your mind in very unwanted ways. Either you start getting addicted to violent games or websites, or you simply lose your mind to negative thoughts. In a blink, you get influenced in a way you thought you never will be.

Unwanted exposure to violence on different kinds of video games, websites, and news channels adversely affects the minds of children especially. Children are the most vulnerable population to get easily affected by media influences. They may become aggressive, rude, less trustworthy, and fearless and sometimes even more in favor of violence. Such kinds of emotional changes may affect their relationship with their friends, you and your family.

Sexual exposure and violence through media can even lead you to conduct crimes in the social community. It is a traumatizing turn of events in terms of the youth mentality, which may involve sexual and other forms of abuse to the masses.

The list does not just stop here. Media sometimes play with your mind in a way where you start doubting your social status and start going with the wind. There are certain advertisements which may make you question your status in the society in relation to the extensive use of branded products. This does not just affect children but also adults in an extremely cheap and undesirable way. As every coin has two sides – a head and a tail, similarly media has both sides of pros and cons.

There have been studies being conducted for decades on the deleterious and fruitful aspects of media interfering in your life. The more accurate term to describe the influential side of media is “mass media” that reaches out to the common people in the easiest ways. They can be either through social platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook or via different news websites and apps. This particular way of interference of media in your life is more from the internet than newspapers or television.

How to be careful while dealing with media news?

  1. While you are listening to any news on any topic, do not make your mind preoccupied with thoughts based on the facts being discussed.
  2. Clear your mind, take a deep breath and ask yourself questions while confronting media topics.
  3. You already know that media can influence you both ways. Be the one to choose between them than making the media decide it for you.
  4. Avoid going for negative news. Look for the positive insights and focus your mind more on that.
  5. Do not let any news overmaster your thoughts. Keep your emotional angle aside while reading or coming across any news.
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