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Top 7 Reasons Why Software Testing is Crucial in SDLC

Software Testing

Software Testing is an important thing in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) because errors can occur anywhere in the application and some of them remain undiscovered until deployment. The final product with bugs brings many difficulties such as redevelopment, wastage of cost and time, poor functionality, and many more. Software testing proves the quality of the product that helps to gain more customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements in an application or a product. Therewith, we have presented here the top 7 reasons for the implementation of software testing in SDLC for the betterment of an organization’s rapid growth.

To Detect the Errors of an application

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ists of four main levels in functional testing such as Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing. These levels of testing used to detect the errors that may occur in any block of codes. Generally, errors are classified as follows:

Functionality Errors: These are the errors that the behavior of the application is not working as expected or in a wrong way which confuses the users.

Communication Errors: This type of error occurs when any part of the module is not redirected to the next module as expected by showing unnecessary commands or any.

Missing Command Errors: It occurs when the expected command such as cancel, exit or back is not presented in the place it requires.

Syntactic Errors: These errors are the grammatical mistakes or the misspelled words presented in the commands or buttons.

Exception Handling Errors: If errors occur during the user interaction with the application required to be handled by the exception handling in a clear and meaningful way. If not, it shows Error on Exception handling errors.

Calculation Errors: Calculation errors will occur in the situation such as bad logic, incorrect formula, data type mismatch, coding errors, and function call issues, and so on. 

Control Flow Errors: Control Flow errors will be raised when the application missed describing what to do next and in what condition to be executed.

These errors should be detected and handled by the software testers to avoid the complexity of the deployment process.

To avoid cost wastage

The poor test data management has to face unwanted difficulties after a deployment that is needed to spend more cost on the redevelopment process. There are many ways to reduce the software testing cost and some of them are as follows:

Software testing helps to reduce the wastage by implementing it with the appropriate planning of automation and frequent testing process.

To Verify the Software Portability

Software Testing is important to check the adaptability of the application of the software that ensures the working progression of all the operating systems and browsers well and clear. It should give users a smooth experience that will not affect the application efficiency in case of changing the device. Software testing avoids the errors caused during the change of devices with the following testing attributes:

Installability to check whether the application can be installed in any targeted device that meets the characteristics of operating system requirements, browser requirements, memory or RAM requirements, simplified Installation and uninstallation procedure, interruption exceptions, and prerequisites details, and so on.

Adaptability Testing of the application is to validate the system whether it can adaptable to all target devices with the meeting of characteristics such as hardware, software dependency, standardized language, system communication, dependency encapsulation, and dependency representation, etc.

Replaceability is to check the ability to replace one software component with the other that produces the same results as the previous one. 

Compatibility or Coexistence is to check the ability of the application can behave with two or more components with the same frequency without affecting the adverse behavior of each other. 

Interoperability testing helps to determine the errors that occur when the two or more components communicate with each other.

Localization is done to ensure the developed software can be understood by the users of the local language. This testing is done mainly for internationalized applications.

To avoid the risk of losing the crucial information

Software Testing is essential to avoid the loss of important information during the application running. It will be done in the following three strategies:

Creating the policies around the real data: Organizations often develop or revisit the policies and this to be tested before implementing. The application should protect the existing data in case of adding the new one.

Ensuring the access rights for preventing the data: The application should be developed with high authorization or login facilities to protect the data from unauthorized access.

Utilization of proper techniques to protect data: Testing to be done to make sure the masking of private data to be accessed from unauthorized persons. Managerial data to be tested in this field.

To speed up the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle)

Software Testing to be done for accelerating the software development process and makes it more efficient by allowing the quick fix of bugs of the released version of the software application. It can improve the workflow with the following advantages:

More coverage of the browser: Testing to be done for checking the application’s ability to execute in a parallel manner for the multiple browsers. CrossBrowserTesting checks browser compatibility, device adaptability, and more.

Less Manual Testing: Browser adaptability is to be checked only with the automation process as manual testing takes much time for the repeated tasks.

Less Time Consuming: Parallel testing can be done to save the time of testers by implementing multiple tests at the same time.

Increasing the development workflow: Parallel testing makes the testing task easier and it enables better communication between departments and improves the productivity of the entire team.

Script-less Testing: CrossBrowserTesting enables the testers to run the software testing in a parallel manner. The record and play option of a testing tool like Selenium is used to achieve parallel testing with zero script or coding skills.

To obtain customer satisfaction

Software Testing is vital to obtain user satisfaction by meeting out their requirements and ensuring their easy-to-use environment of the application. It can be tested with the following aspects:

Conduct frequent surveys with an end-user to know their expectation and add them during the development process itself and the testing process should contain the recheck of the addition.

Make sure the close cooperation with an end-user to update the data

Ensure the product quality that should be accepted by the client as per the services of the application

Monitor the user feedback frequently that can guide the testers on the updation process takes place in an application even after the deployment.

Software Testing proves the increasing customer satisfaction and helps to obtain their confidence in our development.

To optimize the business process

Software Testing enables the final product to reach the aim of quality standards before deployment. It helps the organization to increase the brand image for its profitable growth through reduced support costs and highly accurate results. The success of an organization depends on embracing continuous improvement, and the software testing process has no exception. Even the organization already has a solid software testing operation in place, they should strive to find ways to make it better still for the improvement of business in all aspects.


Detecting the errors of software is a common incident. Remaining them unaddressed causes serious issue to the customers of the business and decrease their reputation also. Making the software application free from errors, testing takes place to obtain the user-experience and cuts down maintenance costs. Software quality highly depends on its high performance. Hence, the role of software testing is essential for an organization to deliver quality products. Software Testing will be done effectively with the skilled professionals and the domain still have many opportunities. Learn the Software Testing Training in Chennai in both automation and manual to prove with certification for the better placement.

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