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Among the vapers, apart from “chasing new”, there is another phenomenon “retro”. Start with the starter kits, then proceed with the RBA of MTL. Finally, be immersed in the RDA. Take up a “reincarnation” between MTL sucking and mouthfeel.

Retro Trend

I used to start with “starter kits”, which don’t have to make the core, adjust the parameters, even inject any e-liquid. What we need to do is to choose the appropriate pod directly, which is convenient. The recent mango Juul pods banned also reshaped public perception on starter kits.

Nevertheless, every vaper is fickle and amorous. After using the starter kits for a while, I found out the abandoned SXK BB Style TC Box Mod Kit 70W. There is no doubt that it is one of the best mods.

Although starter kits is well, it is enough for replacing cigarettes. Whereas, there is almost no change in each pod. What’s more, being completely consistent can also lead to tedium.

Wrap the coil, add the heating wire, make cotton, and then add e-liquid! After completing a series of “ceremonies”, I finally found the inexpressible pleasure, the flavor of each MTL is gorgeous, even the lack of e-liquid supply brings a sense of striking throat.

The Peculiarity of Single Mod

With the rise of starter kits, the MTL atomizer has also revived , and the attention of the MTL RTA is attracting more and more vapers.

However, the current manufacturers have attached undue importance on the “extreme products” which are mod kits and starter kits. Therefore, there are only few new products in the MTL atomizer.

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MTL RTAs are tend to possess high-resistance and low-power. As a result, they are adapted to a single vape mod. They are pretty portable and equipped with sufficient endurance for daily use.

The current vape devices only go through vertical updates of similar products without horizontal replacement.

Single Mod is Irreplaceable And Adaptive.

Each device has its own purpose and user community. Just as a TC mod can’t replace a mechanical mod, a dual mod is also not able to replace a single mod. There will still be a new single mod release in the market.

Moreover, the products are interrelated. As the user’s consumption concept is more rational and the resuscitation of the MTL atomizer, it will also drive the development of the single mod, which is likely to draw a new wave. Every marijuana user should have used this mod.

Today, I will introduce a single mod that I have used in recent years. If you are pursuing flavor and prefer a MTL atomizer, I hope you will like it.

SXK BB Style TC Box Mod Kit 70W


The SXK BB Style TC Box Mod Kit 70W has a powerful temperature control system that allows for flexible temperature adjustments in the 200-600 °F range for keeping safe operation. What’s more, Heat AIO Structure with Pre-Installed RBA coil, which supports two brands of coils for excellent taste and smoke. In addition, made of aluminum alloy, it is light and easy to carry. Furthermore,it has a super-capacity of 5 ml and stores enough smoke oil. Equipped with 18650 battery to release up to 70W output, the energy is huge. It is a superior choice for your outgoing.

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Brand: SXK
Material: Aluminum alloy
Battery: 1 x 18650 battery ( Not included )
Power: 1 – 70W
TC Range: 200 – 600℉
Resistance Range: 0.1 – 2.5ohm

The SXK BB Style TC Box Mod Kit 70W has a maximum output of 70W and is equipped with a temperature control function. The “Clamshell” battery compartment cover is located on the side for easy opening.

SXK BB Style TC Box Mod Kit 70W is also the representative of SXK’s superb workmanship. The whole machine is quite well, and the design is more avant-garde. Moreover, the lacquer surface is firm, and the grip is adaptive.

The output still inherits the “violence” tradition of SXK, and even a single mod is very fierce.

SXK BB Style TC Box Mod Kit 70W is available in black and gold color. What’s more, It is suitable for beginners who are directly involved in the large smoke.

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