Few Ways by Which Women Are Getting Affected by Work from Home

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Are you a working woman? Unable to maintain work-life balance due to the pandemic? Read here to know how women in tech are getting affected due to COVID-19.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, every employee has to shift from work in the office to working from home. Now the thing is that generally, women in their household do take care of the cooking and all the other parts. But this new normal is affecting them in several ways. As they are not going to the office, they have to do several hours of overtime.

It came into the newspapers too that several bosses all around the world are asking the employees to work overtime daily because they are saying that you are saving time because employees do not have to travel and asking them to work for the hours you are saving.

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look after their children and make them do their physics assignments. In the pandemic, the teachers are also unable to come, and physics assignments are essential because programming assignment help the students to know more about the subject in detail. Let’s discuss several ways by which women in tech are getting affected due to the pandemic. For more details about programming assignment help you have to read myassignmenthelp review

Household chores

Before the pandemic came into action, working women were able to work fine and maintain a work-life balance in the right way. Maids were there who were supposed to take care of all the household chores and even take care of the children if there were any in the house. Now the pandemic is not letting the person get out of their home. And that is where the working women who belong to the tech industry are facing issues. They have to take care of the vast office work, have to take care of the cooking and also all the household chores. Along with that, they also have to take care of their personal lives too. This can be considered as one of the most common problems of all the women, and this point is very relatable for them.

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Long working hours

Due to the pandemic, companies all over the world were facing huge losses. And to cover that up, companies were making their employees work for more hours. There were no options, and this can be considered as the second problem which was faced by the working women in tech. They have to attend long meetings, and also they have to work on urgent orders. After that, they also have to take care of their children and household. Even if they don’t have a family, then they also have to cook for themselves too. Because the food delivery service was also off due to the pandemic. Sitting in front of their computers for several hours also affects their eyesight. There was nobody movement, and thus they also got involved with obesity and even gained fat due to this pandemic. This can be considered as one of the main problems of working for long hours for women belonging to the tech industry.


The atmosphere does play an important role while you are working. If you were working from the office, the work might seem easy because all around you people are working and that atmosphere only will become your motivation to work. But while working from home, that thing is getting affected. You are in your room 24*7 and have to attend meetings and even submit your work. All you see around yourself is your own things, and that is becoming a distraction for you. You are unable to concentrate on your work, and thus the quality of your work is also getting affected due to it. Family members are coming into your room during work, and thus it can be said that they are also working as a distraction due to this.


The whole work culture has shifted, and now everything is happening virtually. Not every working woman does have Wi-Fi or a strong internet connection in their house, and thus it can be said that they are unable to communicate. Also, online communication does take more time. For example, you are working from the office and having an issue. You can directly reach out to the manager or your team leader and resolve the issue. But in this case, working women have to call them and then ask. Now in some time, maybe two or three more people are trying to reach out to the same person, and that’s how work is getting delayed. Employees cannot work until they solve the issue, and thus they end up working for 12 hours in a day. Communication is one of the major problems for working women who are from tech.

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When working women who belong to tech used to go to the office, they used to talk with their colleagues. They also may be used to sharing lunch with them and if the employee is working there for a long time and the other colleagues have become just like another family to them. But now the thing is that they are working from home and thus they are unable to talk regularly with each other. Few people may say that there are phones to connect to, and even they can talk over a video call. But there is a huge difference between talking to that person’s face to face and talking to that person through video call.

Final thoughts

From the above discussions, it can thus be said that working women who are from tech need to start thinking of ways by which they will be able to maintain a work-life balance. For more writing click here

They can talk with their company and say that it is becoming difficult for them to work overtime every day. They also need to let the company know that they are getting affected both physically and mentally due to long working hours.

Some women employees also got into depression due to this hectic routine. They also need to take care of their children and, for example, help them in their political science assignments. Political science assignments help the student to know about the subject.


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