Top Meal Planning Apps For Healthy Eating You Need To Download In 2022

Healthy Eating

Users interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle are aware that it begins with healthy eating and a consistent fitness routine. To help users achieve their fitness goals, many people now rely on meal-planning mobile apps. And why shouldn’t they do that? Especially since the internet seems to have a solution for all the problems. Although modern users can do meal planning by themselves without the tech inclusion, there are many people out there, who still need that extra push. To encourage them, that’s where these meal-planning apps come in handy, proving to be a great tool in the long run.

Top Meal Planning Apps For Healthy Eating

Some of the best meal planning apps that are compatible with both Android and iOS are listed as follows:

Paprika Recipe Manager 3

This is a terrific recipe planner, perfect for lightweight meals. What’s more, was that the free version offered app users numerous options for personalizing the app as adidas yeezy boost 350 v2 dazzling blue
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much as they liked and the way they liked. Interestingly, this recipe planner/meal organizer has a built-in web browser, which allows the user to search the internet for the latest recipes online, without switching off the mobile app. Furthermore, users have the option to download recipes, make several shopping lists, and even add their favorite recipes to an annual food calendar, so that these dishes are never forgotten by the user or their audience.

Unfortunately, users can only add and save a select few recipes in the app. To gain access to unlimited recipes, they would have to subscribe to the premium version of the app. Moreover, the free version also does not allow users to share/synchronize recipes across various platforms or devices, so users will ultimately have to unlock the advanced feature if they are interested in investing more time and energy in the app. Nonetheless, the free version of the app allows the user to create both theme-based and stand-alone menus, so users are never let down. Paprika Recipe Manager 3 is available for both Android and IOS.

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This is one of a kind mobile app, which is as unique as its name. This is a great meal planning app, which is both intuitive and insightful, curating customized recipes as per the user’s choice. Since it’s an easy-to-use organizer, the app presents a list of diet preferences for the user to select from. The user can also input their own choice into the options given while mentioning all those ingredients that they are allergic to. Consequently, eliminating all such options that one is reluctant to use.

Although the app is free, but users have to sign up and create an account if they want to move forward with the app. In addition to this, the free version offers basic meal-planning techniques and amazing recipes whereas, they can also access a whole recipe library along with a nutrition tracker, innovative recipe plan(s), advanced filters, to name a few after purchasing the premium version of Mealime. This terrific app is also available for both IOS and Android.


Lifesum is another healthy meal planning mobile app that comes with an integrated calorie tracker as well. Unfortunately, the meal-planning feature is locked and can only be accessed if users select the premium version, which can be opened after paying a minimal fee. On the other hand, the free features of the mobile app allow users to track their daily and weekly water intake while also accurately tracking their protein fat and carbs intake. Moreover, once the premium is unlocked, the wide range of meal plans can be customized as per the user’s daily health regimen. What’s more, is that Lifesum easily creates a shopping list that is based on the user’s health preferences. Also available for both Android and IOS.

8fit Workouts & Meal Planner

The name says it all. 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner is both a meal organizer and a workout mobile app, which can help users create customized meals as per their present diet and exercise routine. Since its essential for fitness to consists of two important factors: a healthy diet and whole-food nutrition, the app ensures that meal planning and a user’s exercise routine are never disturbed. Not only this but the user doesn’t even have to switch between different apps as this one app is enough to keep them updated on their current health situation.

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Interestingly, the user is always motivated by the app via badges; every time they surpass or achieve a new milestone. The meal planner section consists of 800+ recipes that are followed by regular meal logs, dietary exclusions, daily/weekly grocery lists among other notable features. Hence, a fitness enthusiast could never find a mobile app more perfect than 8fit Workouts & Meal Planner. Available for both IOS and Android phones.


This is another simple meal-planning app, which ensures that daily meals can easily be prepared. However, besides presenting a diverse selection to the user, the app also allows the user to import their favorite recipes from the web and input them into the app via a URL. However, the URL import can be an issue, if you are having a bad internet day. If the usual fix-it routines don’t work, users should contact their local internet providers immediately to get the problem sorted.

Once the internet issue is resolved, users can also place an order and purchase expertly cooked meals that come with a comprehensive understanding of the ingredients incorporated in the meal. This way, users can track their calories and monitor their weight and nutrition daily and weekly as well.

Wrapping Up

While some of the top meal-planning mobile apps listed above are a great way for users to achieve their health and fitness goals within no time. Yet they are a great way to monitor daily progress and track calories. They are also essentially meant to reduce junk food consumption, which is another menace that has taken over the world while encouraging healthy eating, which begins with mindful cooking and a healthy mindset.

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