What to look in when contacting an aqua guard service centre?

The water requirement is inevitable for living things and many of the industrial processes. Though there are ample natural resources from where people get water with the best quality, due to pollution in such sources the water is contaminated with various pollutants that have spoiled the water quality and one needs to use a water purifier for the same.

Aquaguards are the vital water purifier system which is technologically advanced to bring in good health to the human civilisation. You can get a wide range of water purifier products, the way your pocket supports. But as no device is 100 per cent efficient, even aqua guards undergo several types of issues after being used for an optimum period. It is the duty of your company from where you have bought to assist you during the problem of your system. This only builds a cordial bond between the client and the seller so as the buyer will consult the company before any mishandling of the system.

Why should you go in search of an Aqua guard service centre?

As a water purifier contains all its interlinking wires built inside the aperture, neither you nor me as a layman can just open it and understand what got wrong in the first place.

  • Aqua Guard is not Responding

Sometimes what happens is just that the LED light configured in the aqua guard that you have brought in your place does not blink or responds when it is being switched on. It resembles that either a PCB has gone faulty or the power supply. This is when the aquaguard service centre come in rescue. You should call for them immediately rather just opening it and mishandling.

  • TDS defection
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In rainy days, the normal TDS level increase from normal to a risk level and the water flow gets affected by it. In those circumstances, the TDS will come to normal after a couple of days, but yes, you should also check if the filters are choked. If yes, then immediately reach out to the nearest service centre for its replacement.

  • Differential Vibrations

It is a common problem that resists within different filters. After use of the aqua guard, the filters might suddenly someday start to vibrate. There is nothing to panic because the vibrations are about the pressure level that originates from the filters. It will stop after a couple of days. But if still, the problem persists you can contact the service centre for the same.

Chlorination is the major problem that creates a lot of problems after installation of the aqua guard. It becomes so inevitable that the chlorine starts to give bad odour and sour taste to water. In this case, your preferred service centre will provide you in treating the water and the filters which would have been chlorinated. After use of the aqua guard, if the faucet breaks down, you cannot change it by yourself, and you even need to prevent the water leakage. The service centres with highly efficient technicians will fix this problem.

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