Assam – A paradise for the nature lovers!

Assam is a natural wonder that is also famous as ‘Soaring Birds with wings’. It is home to some of the most exquisite sceneries. There are crystal clear lakes where you can enjoy boating. There is a mighty River Brahmaputra which is the best place for adventurous boating. There are rhinos in the thick jungles. You can witness them in their natural habitat via safaris. You can enjoy delectable cuisine. The campfires with traditional Bihu performances are awesome. Assam offers the mightiest waterfalls. So, if you are seeking refuge from the burning sun, visit Assam. The major places to visit in Assam are given below. jute bags manufacturers in Kerala

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So, here we go!

1 – Guwahati:

Start with the capital city of Assam. Guwahati was called Pragjyotishpur in the past. This word translates to the ‘Light of the East’ which is true! The city is located on the banks of Brahmaputra River and is rich in natural resources. The city is famous for being home to the most prestigious Engineering institution in India – IIT Guwahati. This is also home to the beautiful Kaziranga National Park and Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary. There are state zoo and Deepor Beel Wildlife Sanctuary which are famous tourist attractions.

There are many famous temples in the city. The most notable ones are Kamakhya Temple, Purva Tirupathy Sri Balaji Temple, Uma Nanda Temple, Temples of Hajo and Basistha Ashram Temple. There is a planetarium and Regional Science Centre that can also be explored.

2 – Tezpur:

Tezpur is the cultural, and architectural capital of the state of Assam. This is why it is one of the most famous attractions for tourists. Apart from the temples, monuments, and ruins, there are many beautiful points to view sunsets and sunrises. Kalia Bhomora Setu is the best place to witness the most spectacular sunsets. Agnigarh Hill is the historically important park that you must explore. The temples that you can visit in the region are Mahabhairab Temple, Nag Sankar Temple, and Bhairabi Temple. The ancient ruins of Da Parbatia Temple are also very famous. You can explore the flora and fauna in Bura Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary. If you love adventurous activities, you can also visit the Bamuni Hills and Ouguri Hill.

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Assam offers plenty of opportunities to get the Adrenaline Rush. So, stop looking for foreign locations for an adventurous tour. Grab the Emirates Coupons and enjoy!

3 – Majuli:

Majuli is a paradise for the history buffs. Majuli is actually an island. As far as the stats are concerned, Majuli is the largest freshwater island which is located in South Asia. It is situated in the Brahmaputra River. Fishing Village is a major tourist attraction that is famous for weaving. You can buy many handwoven items here. You can easily spend a day here to explore rural life here. Majuli is famous for the Vaishnavite Satras.

4 – Jorhat and Nalbari:

Jorhat and Nalbari are famous for the temples and natural scenery. You can visit the ancient and modern temples to admire the architectural splendor. Banganabari Village is home to the biggest Gumba in the region that is more than 60 years old.

5 – Goalpara:

Goalpara is a famous tourist attraction for adventure lovers. You can enjoy trekking, camping, hiking and many other adventure activities here. Kumri Beel Lake is a lovely place to enjoy a quiet evening or to enjoy a picnic with your family. The other attractions are Sri Chaitanya Gaudiya, Sri Joybhum Kamakhya Math, and Buraburi Than.

6 – Sivasagar:

It used to be the ancient seat of the Ahom dynasty. The city used to be the capital for more than 6 centuries. This is why this place has a unique culture and lifestyle. There are many places that depict the architectural excellence of the dynasty. This city has Lord Shiva as its main lord. Currently, it is one of the major centers for oil and tea trading.

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The must-visit places are Shivadol, Gargaon Palace, Charaideo and Pani Dihing Wildlife Sanctuary.

7 – North Cachar Hills and Barak Valley:

North Cachar Hills is home to the Assamese Tribes. You can enjoy a laidback vacation here while listening to the folklores and gorging on fresh farm produce. From streams to waterfalls, you get an unlimited number of opportunities to enjoy nature.

Dima Hasao district, Haflong, Panimoor, and Maibang are the major places.

Barak Valley offers peaceful surroundings and mighty hills. There are fragrant tea plantations and Kushiara River & Barak Rivers to explore. Badarpur Fort, Salganga, Adi Kali Mandir, Kachakanti Temple, Karimganj and Siddeshwar Temple are some popular attractions here.

So, stop waiting and plan an exciting vacation to Assam NOW!

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