The road map to success is all about your values

The road map to success is all about your values


Life is similar to a marathon and success is the goal. Success has no definite definition. For every individual it can have a different meaning. As human beings, all we want is to taste the sweet notes of success in whatever we do – be it in the personal front of life or in the professional world. Although the society has set stereotypes to determine the benchmarks of success, the path followed towards success cannot be justified using theories and statics. There are no hard and fast rules that you can follow or a shortcut that you can take to taste success early in your life.

Success is all in your head – it all boils down to what makes you happy and what you count as being successful. Is it about the destination or the journey in between? Is it about a personal gain or the opportunity to be able to help somebody? While some may say societal and financial status signifies success, others may say it is the happiness within that count. It can take a person his or her entire life to do the right thing before success comes knocking at the door. Personally, if you ask me, I think that there is no specific key to success. But there are certain human intrinsic values that can help you reach the zenith of success a tad faster.

Overnight success stories are a myth and luck is just an excuse. Successful people build themselves brick by brick to reach the height. If you are on the search for the path that leads to success, here are some values that you can cultivate if you really want to bring success into your life.

1. Drive and passion

The road map to success is all about your values


It is not always about the destination; at times it is about the journey – you need to enjoy every moment of it with utmost gusto. You need to have the zeal to enjoy and participate actively in these situations. This drive can motivate you to work harder than most. So, make sure that you maintain the zest to get things completed and take charge when necessary. Drive yourself with purpose and passion.

2. Humility and Gratitude

The core principle to usher in success in life is to have your feet on the earth and be thankful about everything you have. Rather than wishing for more, start being grateful for what you have. Most people start finding excuses for their failures. The key to success is to move away from the state of lack and towards a state of abundance. This will help you maintain a positive outlook on life. Also, whatever height you attain, make sure that you stay humble. You must have heard about the story of Icarus who had flown too close to the sun. Do not make the same mistake lest your wings catch fire. Pride and ambition can be the hurdle to your way to success. So, learn to overcome them.

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3. Integrity

Integrity defines who you are by helping you create a character for yourself. If you want your story of success to be a long-term affair, then you must be a person with uncompromised morals and integrity. Integrity and trust are the two values that prop everything in this world. Therefore, it is important that you learn to cultivate trust. Start building your reputation early in life and do whatever is in your power to protect the view that the world has about you. With a good credit score in your actual life, you can succeed for sure. If you make a promise to someone, make sure that you keep it.

4. Patience and Perseverance

While on your road to success, you are bound to fail many a time. You must be patient through the frustrations of failure. I know that you must be thinking that it is easier said than done. Considering how success doesn’t come easy, you need to train yourself not to give up.

The road map to success is all about your values


Take for instance the famous scientist Thomas Edison whose invention of the electric light-bulb had to face several rejections before it turned to be the scientific breakthrough that it is today. To quote the prodigy, here is what he had to say when asked how he dealt with the setbacks in life – “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” When the chances of luck are bleak and the ray of hope is faint, you must be patent. When you don’t give up, you improve – slowly and steadily. When you look back at things, you will see how you have evolved because you kept pushing forward.

5. Optimism and Self Confidence

Life is not about what you experience. Rather, it is more about how you respond to it. There is much to achieve in this world and you should keep fighting for it. With an optimistic outlook on life, you will find the drive to work towards your goal with an undying spirit. Having a positive attitude can help you live a happy, healthy and successful life. Apart from being positive, ensure that you have trust in yourself. Know that you can do it, whatever the situation may be. This will give you the determination to get up and work towards your aim of being successful.

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6. Willpower and Self-reliance

You must learn how to shoulder responsibilities and be accountable for your actions from a very young age. The way to success isn’t exactly a bed of roses and you might have to make some hard decisions. Sheer will power will help you stick to your beliefs. As Swami Vivekananda has said, “Take up one idea. Make that one idea your life – think of it, dream of it, live on that idea. Be full of that idea, and leave every other idea alone.” You need to have the strength not to vacillate and stick to the choices that you have made. Stay focused on your goals and be consistent in your efforts.

7. Self-Control

“And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from an evil.” – The Holy Bible, Mathew 6: 13

Resilience can lead you to success. If you can resist the temptations of your life, then you are likely to score better in the game of life. Did you know that adults with low self-control scores are more likely to commit crimes or have addictions in their life? According to science, self-control is a quality that brings success. People with self-control are more efficient. They also take better decisions, and are more productive – the two tickets to the land of success.

In the end, success is all about how you picture it. All you need to have is patience to live through your failures and keep your chin up. And learn to love what you do and how your life is. Martha Williams, Senior Assignment Writing Expert for opines, “Do not focus only on being successful. Do your bit with all your heart instead of thinking about the outcome. And you will see how success follows you.” Here’s to the hope that you taste success soon!

Do you have a suggestion? Let us know what has worked for you and help someone to climb up the ladder.

Author Bio: Patrick Austin is a motivational speaker and a professor of Psychology. He is associated with the Academic writing service brand through which he extends academic assistance to the students of social studies. He is a voracious reader and loves to travel.

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