International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

The school you choose to enroll your child in will greatly affect their development in life. Ordinary and International schools in Manila have their own unique properties that make them good options for you to enroll your child in. Here is a list of advantages comparing international and local schools.

Advantages of an International School

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

International Curriculum and Accreditation

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

The biggest advantage of an international school is the curriculum that they teach their students. International schools in the Philippines are accredited by associations across the world that aim to find qualified institutions that offer world-class services. Enrolling your child in these schools ensures that they will receive a kind of education that is utilized and recognized across a number of countries.

International schools also offer the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP). Graduates who receive this diploma are easily recognized by universities worldwide. This can open up chances for your child to pursue higher education in another country.

Small Classes

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

International schools have a smaller number of students in each class compared to ordinary schools. What is normally a 40 student class is a 10 student class in this type of institution. This is because they want to focus on the individual development of their students.

The students need the support of world-class teachers as their curriculum is a mixture of different methods from all over the world. They will be learning different languages, different methods to approach math equations, and even different scientific methods.

Inquiry-Based Learning

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

Inquiry-Based Learning tries to create a more proactive student. The focus of this type of learning is on the student and their ability to learn on their own. They are taught how to ask questions, which encourages them to develop their own styles of retention. Ordinary schools offer a more traditional approach that relies heavily on the teacher’s ability to teach their students. The students take more of a passive role in the classroom with traditional learning.

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Advantages of an Ordinary School

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools


International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

International schools usually have a long waiting list as they only accept a certain number of students. It would be more advisable to enroll your child in an ordinary school if you are interested in getting your child in a class as soon as possible. There are also significantly more ordinary schools found all around the Philippines, both public and private.

Cheaper tuition

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

Ordinary schools have significantly lower tuition fees compared to international schools. Private and public schools also differ in its tuition fees, with the latter being the option with the lowest cost. Explore different institutions to find the one best suited to your budget.

Traditional Learning

International Schools vs. Ordinary Schools

Traditional learning is the style mostly used in the Philippines. It introduces students to order through frameworks and structures taught by professional teachers. This style relies heavily on the ability of the instructors to educate the students on certain topics. These institutions ensure that your children’s teachers are experts in their specific fields.

Key Takeaway

Weigh your options well before deciding to either send your child to an ordinary or international school in Manila. Make sure to research the institution that you want to enroll your child in well to be certain that they get the best quality of education. There are a number of schools in the Philippines that will surely help shape your children into hardworking students.

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