The Process Of Education And Its Beneficial Side On The Larger Acumen

The Process Of Education And Its Beneficial Side On The Larger Acumen

Introduction – What is Education?

Education is a continuous establishing process of sequentially increasing and developing the improvement and enhancement of the hidden as well unexplored talents and skills of any individual. Education is segmented in various distinctions. The initial steps start with childhood education in institutions, then it generally moves to the higher dimension where the students are enough capable of choosing various streams which concerns some particular subjects. Afterward, it shifts and elevates to a higher degree where the student decides to accept a subject as their core subject and decides to move on with that. Then gradually they specialize further deep into their desirable domain. And it goes on and on for the rest of their lives. With enough maturity and knowledge often they end up writing a thesis document for their chosen subject.

The effect of Education –

When a very former quote helps us to understand that a pen is mightier than a sword at the same time it establishes a realization inside us that proper education can change the world. Educational depth helps to build a proper understanding of the ongoing social, political and economic condition of a country and in the time of necessity to amend and module it.

Education remains as the basis of changing our own lives as well as contributing to the progress, upon the act of welfare for our society and country.

Importance of Education for Individual –

The importance of education is a very essential aspect for all the individuals including especially women and kids because, in the long run, they will be the beholder of our society. After watching the miserable condition of women across the globe it is very important for them to become well educated and stand up for their equal right as a human being. The government has understood the growing need of education for women that’s why they have launched and promoted many schemes. And as an overall estimation, the literacy rate in the rural areas are much fewer than expected as per the survey determines. The ‘right to education act’ has proposed and eventually activated the education as a compulsory phenomenon for the students to get the elementary education from an authorized school who are within the age of 6 to 14. Meal, Scholarships, reservations, books; uniforms are some of the attractive incentive programs are promoted by the government and some helpful NGOs especially for enhancing the girl’s education and breeding their acute interest in the field of education.

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Educational improvement in Rural Areas –

It is dedicated to God’s grace that we have finally found an increasing number of children those who are interested in holding pen and paper and learn new things. Research and thorough study have been shown that many students are interested in drawing portraits and landscapes as they grow up watching wide scenarios and space rather than concrete buildings. So from the very desire to create and nurture the happenings going on around them the talents inhibits inside themselves. In the last five years the rate of education has significantly increased in the rural areas, but still, as a nation, it is our defeat that we are failing to reach education in the backward and remote area. We need to take it to step by step as firstly a proper awareness must be projected, inside the parents for educating their children. Next steps come by as channeling proper and well-maintained resources as well as well-organized teachers to show them the path of light through the medium of experience and inner education. More schools must be constructed in the village areas. Colleges, universities must be on the process of establishment for higher education. Sometimes also dyes functionality occurs when there are schools in the junction of villages or the students have to cross a very long path for attending it.

But hand in hand we are determined and destined to overcome all obstacles.

Modern school education system –

The national council of educational research and training decides the policies and procedures of education in India nowadays. It monitors and surveils the proper functioning of every branch which concerns the institutional teaching methods. Majorly two active boards namely, Central board of secondary education and Indian Certificate of Secondary education operates and controls schemes, propaganda, results, examination structure etc. In India nowadays there is a proper method oriented schooling system which helps to build and shape up a child’s future. It is described below.

  1. a) The very first step of education is not compulsory for all but to accustom the children with a social atmosphere from an early age many parents decide to send their children to a play school where they learn interesting lessons in a playful manner.
  2. b) After a child gets a little bit matured the section of learning gets divided into subcategories like a nursery, lower kindergarten, and upper kindergarten especially for the English medium students.
  3. c) Then comes the compulsory learning named as the primary school which is also categorized in subparts like a lower primary and upper primary.
  4. d) Next step is crucial in every student’s life where they choose to decide their future stream based on their expertise or marks whichever suits their way.
  5. e) On the very next step they mystery remains that while the student will choose one subject from the given or they will drive to a completely different direction.
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Importance of education in our Life –

Education provides knowledge in any field where you want to delve deep. It helps to develop the persona of a person by boosting their mental strength and physical abilities. More generally educated people are kind and humble towards others. Education leads you towards struggling and coming up with any situation coming your way with swift techniques. It also improves the mental state and looks beyond the horizon of discrimination and injustice.

Conclusion –

Education is a medium to utilize your skills tactically and efficiently to achieve the greatest possible outcomes one can dream of. Hereby educating every individual, then gradually the society, then further the nation must be our optimum ambition. Let’s put hand in hand towards bringing a greener world to our children.

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