Best baby weighing scale for breastfeeding

Mothers take their prenatal and postpartum checks up very serious. Regular checks ensure the health of a baby by taking weight and height reading. Weight is also a growth indicator, which gives details about different health facts. Hence it is important to buy the right baby weighing machine.

Do you need a baby scale?

The answer to this question is without a doubt a yes. Baby weighing scaleis an important tool for recording the weight of a baby. Baby weighing scales are easy to use and very helpful for parents to keep track of their growth.

When your breastfeeding, it is important to measure the amount of milk your baby consumes. Baby scale can make your job easy by helping you keep a detailed record. However, do not weight your babies often, a baby below 6 months needs to weigh only once a month.

Baby weighing scale buying guide

A wide range of baby weighing scale is available in the market that offers tons of features. But the most important factors you need to look for in a baby scale is as follows:

  1. Accurate reading: Baby scales are costlier, hence when investing in one ensure it provides an accurate reading. The difference in few ounces on either side of the scale is important, especially when you are weighing a breastfed child.
  2. Zero function: The vital feature to look for in any baby scale is zero function. This offers an accurate reading of a baby’s weight, which is crucial for determining health. The zero functions subtract additional weight in the form of clothing, diapers, etc. and provide an accurate reading.
  3. Ease of using: Weigh a baby is hard. Babies do not stay still; they move around. Hence pick a scale that is easy to use and record the weight. LCD screens should be preferred over needles, as they are easy to see and record the readings.
  4. Durability: It is always better to invest in quality than quantity. Buy scales that are durable and long lasting. Check the material used in making a scale to ensure the durability of the scale.
  5. Portable: When it comes to portability, it does not mean being small enough to fit into a suitcase. It means it should be small enough to fit perfectly in your nursery. Also, portable baby weighing scale is lighter and can run without any power source.
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Top 3 baby weighing scale for breastfeeding

  1. Home image Digital scale is a perfect baby weighing machine for breastfeeding babies. They are affordable and easy to use; two best feature of a weighing scale. Further, the scale provides reading in both puns and kilograms.
  2. Pro-health digital baby scale: yet another scale that is affordable and comes with various features. The best part of pro-health digital is that they have built-in music that helps baby relax.
  3. Hatch baby grow smart changing pad: the scale is embedded with the changing pad. This means you can take the weight of a baby while changing them. The pad comes with a safety belt and soft foam.

Baby scales are available in different price range and feature; any scale that provides accurate reading is best to buy.

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