How to get taller for kids: How you can help

How to get taller for kids: How you can help

Pediatricians have a formula which they use for predicting an approximate adult height of a child. The formula is based on the gender of the child and the heights of the parents. For male children, they adjust the mother’s height by adding five inches, and for female children, they adjust the father’s height by subtracting five inches. This adjusted height is then added with the actual height of the father, in the case of male children, or the mother, in the case of female children, to get an average of the two. The average so deduced is said to be the approximate adult height of the child. Pediatricians use this approximation to compare your kid’s actual growth with their expected growth to provide guidelines on how to get taller for kids in case of stunted or abnormal growth.

Natural Growth In Children

Children grow throughout their childhood and their teenage years at a different pace. Before puberty, boys and girls grow at nearly the same rate. The growth rate is the highest during the infancy period and it starts declining as the child grows older. In the first year, babies grow nearly 10 inches. Thereafter, their growth slows down and they grow 4-5 inches at age of one, and then keep growing at three inches per year till they reach puberty. Before puberty, there is another growth spurt, known as the Prepubertal Growth Spurt, after which male and female children start growing at different rates with growth in the height or male children being more than that in female children, and continues till the end of puberty.

Helping As A Parent

As a parent, you may be wondering about how to get taller for kids and may want to help your children grow up as healthy individuals, which includes them reaching their full potential height. To do so, you provide them with the proper food and the correct nutrition. But often, it is not enough. It is important that the children get copious amounts of physical exercise daily in order to facilitate their bodies to grow. In order to encourage your children to get more physical activities, you can try the following:

  • Lead by Example: As with most of the things, to encourage your kids into doing physical activities, you have to lead by example. If they see you lazing around all the time, they will not have the incentive to put in the effort themselves.
  • Research: Research on how to get taller for kids on the internet. There you would find a plethora of activities which your kids can do, on a daily basis, alone, with friends or with you, to boost the growth of their height.
  • Do a Number of Physical Activities Together: Make time in your schedule as well as your children’s daily schedule for physical activities. These activities may be as easy as playing hide and seek, or a frisbee, going for a walk or biking together. You may encourage them to join a sports team at their school. Getting your kids to participate in team sports at a young age, would encourage them to work out more, help with their growth as well as help in character development.
  • Stretch Every Day: As underrated as stretching seems to be on the list of how to get taller for kids, it is immensely useful. Even if they cannot participate in physical activities on a particular day, they should at least practice stretching exercises. Try to introduce stretching as a morning routine for the kids. It should not take more than 15 minutes for a proper stretching session. However, the benefits of stretching are innumerable including relaxing your body and boosting growth in the muscles and joints.
  • Limit Lazy Time: Limit the time that your kids spend sitting at a place. At times, it is necessary to be seated somewhere for long periods of time, such as in class, but it should be discouraged when unnecessary. Instead of playing video games on phones and Playstations, encourage them to play with their friends or to play video games such as Wii. Try to include them in various chores around the house such as vacuuming, walking any dogs you may have, mowing lawns or raking leaves, etc.
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These physical activities will help your kids to develop strong bones and muscles, boost their height as well as improve their general health. Studies have proven that children above the age of 5 need to be physically active for a minimum of 60 minutes every day in order to develop properly. Regular physical activities also lead to emotional well-being of the children and help you to have a better relationship with them. In addition to vigorous to moderate physical activities, children should also get enough time to rest. Encourage them to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, irrespective of weekends, and allow them to take a short nap during the day if they are too tired.


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