6 Steps To Help Couples Overcome Relationship Stumbles


It is extremely easy and flawless to fall in love with someone, but to keep that spark alive in a relationship needs effort and attention too. Anybody can love you when things are going great, but there are a few who love you even if your relationship is stumbling. Every relationship stumbles at some point in life. Many partners try to solve the issues by spending time with each other, and others who tend to fall apart opt for online Gottman marriage therapy.

Several factors can be responsible for the ups and downs in a relationship. It can stumble because of the following factors:

As time passes by, many people start falling apart from their partner. They feel that the love between them is fading away. When your relationship starts stumbling like this, you should take out some time for your partner and try to make things work. Even if you are the one who is not happy with the relationship, you can always seek help from friends, family, or online Gotman marriage therapy.

1. Evaluate Your Relationship.

When your relationship stumbles, you should not take every single effort of your partner negatively. You can always start by evaluating the stage of the current relationship and talk things out with your partner. Sit down with your partner and have a conversation with them about their thoughts and feelings. A good relationship’s foundation starts with healthy communication between partners. Making the other person feel safe and comfortable while conversing gives them the courage to speak things bluntly and honestly. At every stage of a relationship, honesty must be there as it keeps the relationship intact even when it stumbles a little.

2. Argument Is Good.

According to studies on relationships, the partners who argue have healthier relations than those who keep their anger or disagreement with themselves. People spend their whole life thinking about what’s wrong in their relationship and do not learn that they agree with each other. Disagreement is natural when people of different mindsets and perspectives stay together. Therefore, there is no harm in arguing over things if you are not overly aggressive and abusive with your partner. Some people can only let out what’s going inside their heads through arguments, and that is completely healthy.

3. Communicate With Your Partner About Where Things Went Wrong.

People need to understand that when their relationship stumbles, then it’s time to talk and recollect the conflicts that can be the reason behind the drift. You can resolve things between you two when you know the problems and issues. Both have to learn to improve their relationship to move forward and keep the past in the past. Keeping past where it was doesn’t mean you can no longer talk about that, it means your relation or love is much stronger than what happened.

4. Give Each Other Enough Space.

Everyone needs space to grow and become a better version of themselves. Suffocating relationships are dangerous for your growth individually and together too. With the safety of the commitment from our partner, we need freedom. A supportive and trustworthy partner knows the importance of this space. If you are having issues with your partner regarding your personal space in the relationship, you must talk to them and make them understand its importance.

5. Spend Quality Time Together.

Spending some quality time with your partner is an essential part of keeping the relationship refreshed, happy, and connected. The perks of it are endless. There is no better way to make your partner feel loved and cared for than giving them massages, listening to them, cooking delicious meals, writing them poems or love letters. For a healthy relationship, a feeling of closeness is utterly important. It keeps the love, spark, and charm in the marriage alive. When you are happy with your partner, the love grows, bonds become stronger and strengthen your marriage. No one should forget that it takes a constant and consistent effort of both partners to maintain a healthy and happy relationship.

6. Keep Track Of Your Growth.

Be intentional and connect with your partner in every stage of life. As a loving and caring partner, you should be supportive of your partner’s goals and ambition in life. You should keep a check on your partner’s mental and emotional well-being and can encourage them to be more empathic. You can set goals for your relationship with your other half and keep track. Likewise, you will be able to check how things are going between you two. Working on a relationship is like working on a project. All you and your partner need to do is make a plan, set goals, work together, and review.

Final Thoughts

With these six steps, you can overcome relationship stumbles for now and the future also. However, if after subsequent efforts, your relationship is still in distress, you can take online Gottman marriage therapy with your partner. The therapist can help you revive, strengthen, and realign your relationship. Whenever your relationship stumbles, make sure you resolve the conflicts and save your marriage.

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