Nothing Beats Spending Some Quality Time With Your Family

Nothing Beats Spending Some Quality Time With Your Family

Let’s take a guess. You have a very busy life which is full of many things to do and places to go, beginning on Monday morning and not ending until Sunday night. Then one weekend and another begins and the cycle repeats itself once again! You are so busy in your routine that you don’t even notice the time slowly slipping by like the grains of sand in an hourglass. Seems familiar right? Most of our daily routine includes juggling multiple jobs, running the house, chauffering kids and relatives to appointments, and the list goes on. We inadvertently forget the most important thing in our life, our family and spending time with them. Family time is important because it is the only way to enjoy your most precious asset in life and show them that you care. But how right? Here’s how!

  1. Eat dinner with your family

Always try to have dinner with your family daily because it is crucial for both you and your family. One great benefit is that having everyone together at the dinner table gives all an opportunity to share the daily events with each other. Additionally, studies show that family time is a great way for you to bond with your loved ones. Also, if you want to know about your teen’s life, sharing stories and life events over dinner is a great way to do this!

  1. Repair household items as a family

While this may sound like a strange way to bond as a family, it is a great way to share interesting stories, insights and spend some quality time with your kids. This is because kids love to ‘fix things around the house. They get to explore different parts of the house that they otherwise would never be able to, like the inside of the attic, by being your little handyman helper. They also get to learn how different appliances, like the kitchen faucet, refrigerator, or toilet work – their natural curiosity to learn about the world make them eager to learn. Working around the house with your little ones will give you some quality bonding time that is irreplaceable.

  1. Play games with your kids and family
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Who doesn’t love a board game? Or scrabble? Family games are a safe yet fun way for parents to bond with not just their kids but their parents, aunts, uncles, and even siblings. The best part of these games is that the entire family has loads of fun while bonding! Marble and board games are the perfect examples of games which offer fun and entertainment for the entire family while bringing them together.

  1. Take walks after dinner

Casual 30 minute walks after dinner time is the best way to bond with your better half. Early evenings are the most pleasant time of the day with a cold breeze and a starry sky above. The best thing to do when you go for a walk with your kids and/other family members is to walk around your entire neighborhood at least once and discuss what you see in terms of changes in foliage, houses, and/or yards. You can even ask your kids what their interpretations of the outside surroundings are. These kinds of discussions can ‘break the ice’ and lead the way for more difficult and controversial discussions about sensitive topics with your kids.

  1. Read together

Research shows that reading to your kids from the time they are born helps to develop their brains and stimulates creativity. Apart from that, reading with your kids is an excellent way to spend family time with them because it gives you the opportunity to share your opinions and values with them, and to teach them some important moral values.

  1. Vacation with your family

Family vacations are important because they are a fun and enjoyable way to bond and spend quality time together away from the comfort of home. When planning a family vacation, it is best to seek input from all members involved as to the places where they would want to travel to so that no one ‘feels left out.’ Family vacations can be instrumental in strengthening the emotional bond among families because everyone will be spending every waking minute with everyone else. They will come to understand each other’s thought patterns, likes, dislikes, and get a deeper insight.

  1. Take your kid to a fun place each month
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Many kids love seeing museums because of all of the cool artifacts they can see there. They also love the free tours and beautiful paintings from different eras and parts of the world. Kids love to learn and have a natural curiosity about the world. Museums satiate this desire and encourage their love of learning while intriguing them. Monthly excursions allow you to interact with your kid in ways you would have never considered otherwise, and this will also allow you to better understand your kid’s thought process.

  1. Share your stories

This is another thing that you must do with your kids as well as siblings. Talking about the old days will not only be entertaining but will also give them an insight into your life as well as the entire family. It is an excellent way to make the kids familiar with the family’s past while spending some fun time with them. So if you are running out of places to visit this weekend you can just order some coke and pizza and get on with those stories, or bring out the old albums!

As is evident, spending quality time can be inexpensive and enjoyable. If you want to go on vacations with your family, there is no need to go on a fancy and expensive cruise. A simple trek to a picnic at the park or going for hiking will serve the same purpose. With a little time and effort, you can engage in those activities which will create a new and intimate bond between you and your family!

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